My lovely readers :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


ewe? ewe is a female sheep.

hahahah :D takde kne mngene punnn.


since reg dkat uitm shah alam, i never go home. grr bp lame dah tak balik JB, cant wait cuti sem nanti :)

ayah :)

thanks for all the books. I love youuuuuu ! :")

mak :)

well dulu almost evry night mak called me, and bila mak call, all my roommates will enjoy our conversation. hahah I mmg rapat dgn mak, dr A smpai Z Ill tell her. She's not just a mother she is my bestfriend :)

hanan and adik :)

adik also known as sarah untill now she alwys call/text me. nmpk sgt awak rindu akak. hoho :O

muizz and abang :)

kisses and hugs

amie bby :). alamak nmpk half je. hee~

ty and ninie :)

raye nanti kite jumpe eh ninie :(

Oh haritu wc ngn meesam and tyha. Hee Funny sume nak tnjuk toy msing msing. Hhahah guys, mine is bigger okayyy !


lets talk bout my hotel, oh I mean hostel. heee

sir choy: "hostel is a hotel with S "
muahahah I do enjoy Mr choy's classs. Sgt happening !

too much pink. from all of sudden I dah in love dgn kale pink.

I think I nak add something, tp takut crowded. Hee

my board :)

oxygen supplier muahahah. dah bpe kali tpegang cactus tu. hee ouch !

bestfriends :) hahaha

Hmmmmmmmmm so evrything gooooooooooooood.

"shee suke menjerit" - the roommates

grr mne ade korg ni, hahhahah :D

aini, kelantan

At first mmg pendiam nak mampus but now suke sgt cari gado. haih
her fav words : "aaaa?" "ape?"
hahahaha :)

td aina, now aini

eh salah ! td aini ni aina !

i always confuse, heee sorry !
aina suke sgt kale oren, lately dia sgt obses dgn drama korea.

"eee handsomenye" "eee cute-nye"

hahahhaha :D
aina yg kecik tuuu*

qalista from sabah :)

If i hv a problem I slalu share ngn qalista.
She loves to sing. Lagu jiwang pulak tuhhh/
hahaha :)

almost evrynight kami buat show !