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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ad hominem and tu quoque

Ad hominem and tu quoque? What on earth is that? Oh it is a fallacy, which Im going to present tomorrow during Critical thingking's class (Bel 313) :)

Im not feeling well lately.

"Shee muke you pucat"

Almost evryone said it. Yoo I do look pale.

Tesst, forums, Assgnments, life, blahhhhhhhhhh =.=

Yeay ! Thnks for calling baby, LOVE YOUUUU ! :)


Gosh, gua addicted dgn Annoying orange vid's. You guyss must watch okay ! Fking Hillarious !

Wazzzupppp ! Hhahah ni mmg stupid gilaa. All my roommates LOL-ing after watch this bloody vid.
Now if we meet each other, we will say "wazzuuppp" with annoying ornge version.

Hhahahhahhah :D

Whatcha sayyy ? Wazzuuuppppp ! Hhahha