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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Im back C:

Click it.
Yes tht is ONE of the reason why I update my blog again.
Love you.

Happy Ramadhan ppl :)

Hee guess what I dah join group Ayah and Sarah. What group? The rabun group ! Lol

Fine, I know I look like ayah
Ayahh, I miss you so much !

Oh speaking of ayah, is it weird if we kiss our daddy's cheek? Tak kan?. Well last Sunday, Ayah and mak hntar I pegi busten, then bfre naik bas. I kiss my mum and my ayah too ! But when Im kissing my ayah's cheek and hug him. Almost semua org pandang. What? Eeee I love my ayah lah. So wht? You guys tak cium pipi ayah you guys ke? Ohh sebab dah besar eh? Besar ke tak besar ke he still my father and tak salah pun if I kiss him IN FRONT OF PUBLIC !

3 of us :)
Well kami rabun. Hehehe

I dont wear my spec dekat luar, I just wear it in my class (If i dont wear my lens) and bila dpn lptop. Heee