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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Im back, sugar C:

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Hello, yeah I know its been a while I didn't update my blog. Why? Im sure you know why, hahhaha malas lah, ofcrse. Oh and now Im back, bcs Im not lazy anymore. Temporary lah. Hee.

Insomnia? Yesss I tink I hv insomnia bcs I can't sleep weh. Other symptoms? Hmm Im not sure, bcs to be truth I know nothing about this disease except for tak boleh tidur. Ni sume gara gara stay up during examination week. Wooooo Im a zombie, oh no no Im an owl. Malam tak tidur, tgah hari after exam baru tidur. Hhahahaha. Eleh Im sure Im not the only one who did tht. :p

Speaking of exam, this tuesday I mean this 2nd november result akan keluar. Hoorayyyyyy -.-
I hate rumors ! Ada cakap 2oo students kena tendang lah, tu lah, ni lah. Awwhhh like my mom said " jgn pcaya if dekan tak cakap apa-apa" Hmmm betul tu (sedap kan hati) :)
Pointer? Yesss mcm tak sabar nak tahu, yelah 1st time dpt pointer Im not mrsm's student. Instead of feeling excited, I'm depressed!!
"Brapa eh aku dapat, aku rasa paper ni aku boleh buat, eh ntah ntah bnyak salah, paper ni aku bnyak hentam, yg ni, yg tu, bla bla bla"
grrr 0.0

Okay Im not going to talk more abot this, come on lah buat aku nerbes je. Im not an excellent student though. Law is not tht easy. Betul tu.