My lovely readers :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Strangers think Im quite
My friends think Im out-going
My best friends know tht Im completely insane :)

*copy from win's tumblr, hee

Okay this is sooooooooooo true. I dont talk much with someone who I didn't close with. Sometimes, they think Im snobbish since I always do my poker face at public. But now I learn to smile to the world! Smile and the whole world smiles with you :)
Oh-la-laa hmm sy senyum nampak gigi. Peace v(o.o)

My dad call me internet girl. Yelah I spend my time almost in front of my laptop. Burgh thank God I live in this century, ada internet klau tak burfffffffff bored to death -.-

Lately, kat facebook ramai betul dah in a relationship. Uh-uh, someone talked to me something like this "haaa naik uitm ni ramai budak lelaki dah cpl, takda can lah". Lebih kurang mcm tulah. Hhhahahha funny. Psstt Im searching. Okay enough shee, nobody loves you. Boooo :O