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Friday, January 21, 2011

Tak tahu nk type ape.

Nice title huh? Im home! And Im happpppy.. sikit :) BUT I'm gonna smile like nothing is wrong, talk like everything is perfect, laugh like i used to, and act like nothing is hurting me. Well, it takes time kan.

Forever alone *tumblr*

Ceh poyo.


Yeay! Hanan dah join group gigi besi! Hanan is brave. Look at her face, Happy je. She don't even cry. Haish for the 1st time I heard someone ckp "Tak sakit pun pakai braces, hanan boleh je ckp mcm biasa". Then the next day, dia boleh makan mee goreng kat sekolah -.-

Tadaaa ni lah muka happy-sikit saya. Oh yaa, thanks a bunch dekat semua orang yg bagi support, advice, etc when Im feeling down. Esp you, A. Hmm after what I've done, you still hmm ape eh you hmm Okay bye. >:O

Went to ksl. Watched tourist with my sisters. Well, there's a LOT OF PEOPLE THERE! PHEW. A lot apendanya tak smpai 10 org pun dlm cinema ni. Miehehehe mybe sbb tmpt ni baru kot.
It's 1:31 am now, my belly ask for food. Hmm :/

p/s :Tak nak balik Shah Alam boleh? Please? :( & Hmm I miss you. Call/text me, bumblebee!.