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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Counting days

Nine days left then I shall say good bye to Johor Bahru. Time flies. Frankly speaking, I'm not ready to go back to Shah Alam. I still can't picture myself walking to the faculty, eating at DC/ Sek 7/ Sek 2. Oh lord. Ready tak ready, I already made a list about two weeks ago on the things that I hv to buy for degree. The heck. Tak ready lah sangat kan ._____.

Im going back to Shah alam on the 3rd of march, that's mean I can't join #twtupjohor. Tsk tsk. But buttt! The good news is, I still can buy lanyard 2.0 JOHO! Yeay! Thanks to Adli :D Act, one of the reasons why I'm freaking wanted to go to the event is to buy that thing. Its limited edition! So now, takdelah upset sangat bila tak dapat pergi. Hihi

Now, lets talk about result, err nahhhh I dont think so. If i gt dean's list takpelah jugak kan. Haha. Ni  pointer pun tak mmberangsangkan. Anyway, Im so grateful bcs I passed all the papers and manage to get above 3.00. Alhamdulillah. Better luck next time. I will work harder next sem. I mean. I MUST work harder. To those who gt flying colors, congratulations! Yang tak tu, jangan sedih -sedih okay? :)  Lets bygone, bygone. Mungkin bukan nasib kita. Everthing happens for a reason. Tu maksudnya, Allah nak kita berusaha lagi kuat. Learn from your mistakes. Btw, mcm mana kita nk berjaya kalau kita tak jatuh, kan? ;)
Throw the sad feeling away, set new goal and lets start a brand new life, baby. Prove to others that we can do it! :D