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Friday, October 29, 2010


When given the choice, nearly everybody would vote for a perfect body. Indeed. Im trying to loss my weight, now Im 45kg so bfre naik sem 2 my target for my weight is 43kg. Errr loss 2kg would be okay for me, still we cn see the difference kan? esp at my cheeks and my double-chin-to-be. ha ha
I still remember when I was in form 3, after raya if Im not mistaken everyone start to gv the you-look-fat face at me. Saya nak kuruskan pipi ! Heee :O

Hv a look at this picture, this is sooooo true ! Lelaki mmg kuat perasan. Hhahha opsieee.Well, wht I cn tell is, girl nowadays even though they are thin like 2b pencil they still hv this kind of thinking; Im fat like a piggeh. Perempuan mmg sensitif dgn this fat word.

Hhhahah see you cn read it by yourself. Btw this is nomie my classmate at shah alam. Haih I miss ieka and nomie sooooooooo much, esp ieka ! Where on earth are you now?! Rindu weh. Hmm you cn read there is another rumor there, menyampah betul. Ni semua cerita tipuu. pointer result pointer result. Burfffffffffffffff.
Haaaa this is tyra banks. You dont know who is tyra? Pfftt gosh such a loser dont talk to me. Hhahha Tyra, born on 4th December. Kawan kawan habaq mai shee punya birth date bila? Hihihihi now you know what is my motif putting this super model picture. Llalalalala. Okay Im sure ada yg dah naik mnyampah, I cn smell it from here. Uh-uh not good.