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Friday, October 29, 2010


BEAR IN YOUR MIND ; My belly looks blapis in these photos tapi in real life tak ! Tu baju. Blame the tee ! Hihihi I told you prempuan senstif when it comes like this.

Okay lets talk about maia. I have 4 cats, thnks to mak long & co :) :) Hmm maia. mia, chunky & cookie. Out of four, maia paling active. Guess wht, termasuk harini dah dua kali dia hilang.
Fyi, now masa kucing tgh mengawan (my mum told me, idk whether it is true or not :p ). So, all of us really mad at maia. Why?
Sebab dia kawin dgn jantan kurap ! Eeeeeeee.

  • Maia knp tak kahwin with a cat like you, same species like you. Chunky, cookie kan ada !
  • Hmmm anak anak maia mesti tak comel, blame the kurap *sound cruel o.o
  • Mak long's view; "Maybe maia nak cari husband yg macho". Hmm probably, yelah chunky and cokie are not macho at all, fat, fluffy, manja. Hhahhaha. Well it dosent mater, you guys are cute :) :)
  • Then sara and me jump into conclusion, maybe chunky and cookie are GAY ! hahhahhahha stupid !
Andddd the best thing is, before this maia sneak out bcs she wanted to meet the kurap bcs we found her at the yucky stuff place. Where all the kuraps lepak. Huish gedik sungguh -.- Who's cat is this, man? Hhahha maia maia. Whatever it is I still love you and I want cute kittens okay :)

Hhahhaha and yeah for the punishment my dad and sarah put her in a cage and surprisingly dia boleh keluar, mybe the kurap helps her. Oh, true love lah ni -.-