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Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh oh !

*berangan jap :p

I know there are thousands of different diets out there, all claiming to be effective. For example, exercise regularly but even by exercising I need to watch my food and hmmm sy mmg kurang exercise lately. -.- Okay I went to supermarket and I found this Kellogs cereal diet. So this cereal really works huh within 14 days?. Andddddddddddddd I found the answer :

"I could say something since I am on the Kellogs Cereal diet now. For me, it is good, because I have been on it for seven days so I could see it works. I can see that I already lost 5 pounds, which is great for me. I am saying this, because, usually I cannot do the whole diet thing so normally I cannot reach any results. Kellogs Cereal Diet is easy one, because you still get a nice dinner in the evening. You will see it when you get instructions of this program. I could give you one advice, and that is not to go on the Atkins. I know that is so hard and if you end up eating carbs you put on twice the weight. On Kellogs Cereal Diet, I do not eat any chocolate and I always drink plenty of water and eat fruit, which must be good. You should try this one, hoping this one will work with you too, and help you to reduce fat and lose some exceed weight."

Wohooooooooooo impressive ! I wanna try, I wanna try. But'em no choc? Haihh this is hard for me, but argh sacrifice lah weh mashitah ahmad ! Okay, Im gonna by this kellogs thing. Yeehaa, but when? Hmm this monday! Why not today? Bcs today Im going to kota tinggi my parents's friend is getting married and nasi minyak is calling me. Rezeki jgn ditolak beb. Ahah, poyo. Boo :O . If this program really works, Im gonna tell you guys. Hihihi GO-SHEE-GO !