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Saturday, October 30, 2010

School C:

I miss school, I miss my classmates, I miss teachers, I miss my class, 5 Diamond almost every week we gt kelas terbersih award. Hhahha. I miss the assembly, Meesam, Din and me always come late to school esp meesam. Rindu nk nyanyi all those patriotic songs! Hhhahah. I miss canteen, the first three weeks I never buy food at the canteen, lepastuuu muka ni jeee beli nasi goreng and sambal nak lebih. Hhahha Uhhhhh rinduuuuuuuuuu :)

Heee Sooriyaaaaaaa ! The first people who called me machitosh. Hhahhaha. Sooriya I still remember when you told me how beautiful my eye is. Heee *blushing*. Enjoy your holiday, mate! You said I always in your heart kan? Sy ingat tu. Hhahhaha.

5 DIAMNOND 2009.
Spot me ! Hhahha I just sit beside Cg Che. Im the ass monitor at tht time and the monitor is Prakash. Pagi pagi kena pegi office and take tht blue book. Uh rinduuu. Lets meet ! Im sure I'll scream hysterically, clutching you guys as we jump up and down. Hhahha over dah ni.

Special to all my classmates, you rock guys. Fly me away and take me away with our memories. Hihi Memory is a funny thing. It tricks you into believing tht you've forgotten important moments and then you're racking your brain for a bit information that might make sense of something else. Hihihi Agree with me? Hmm I'll treasure this lovely memory, guys :)