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Sunday, October 31, 2010


This is how I look for the whole day, my left eye is hurt. Pheww pls say it is not contact lens infection :O

Okay lovely people, guesss wht haaa before tht do you still remember my previous post about diet-thing? Hhahhah at last, I bought the cereal but instead of buying kellogs I bought nestle. Why? Bcs there is a lot of choices yet yummier, they hv honey and almond, wholemeal cereal (I tink it is wholemeal, err not really sure bout this) & cereal with fruit. Tapi kalau kellogs, just cereal lah. So, I picked honey and almond. Hihihi I bought two, one for me and another one for mak.

FREE DANCE WORKOUT VCD. Uhhhh just dance gonna be okay da-da-du-du. Shee go gaga. Hhahha goshh interesting kan? That's not my room okay, its my jungle . Llalalalala Im a lazyy girl that's why ayah always mad at me. Hhahahha but I do all the daily chores okayy. So Im not-so-lazy lah. So, I tink after Ive done with all the bajusss, done with living room, done with mama's kitchen and the dance will start oh should I say IM GOING TO EXERCISE ! Hhahha. Ive bad news, hmm berat saya dah naik sekilo -.- Hmm bye.