My lovely readers :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello Hello :)

November? Already November? Hope this month will be greater than the previous one. And hopefully there is a miracle, miracle happen at my result. Hhahhaha.

What's up with November :

N - New semester will begin.
O - Obedient
V - Vitality
E - End of the sad story -.-
M - Must focus on study
B - Be ready to check result
E - Exhale hate, Inhale love
R - Rock my mind with new subjects :)

Best of luck classmates and tyha too! Klau result teruk, oh Ive no idea how to face my parents. Amma Appa Im scared. Oh Allah pls help me I dont want to disappoint my parents, I want to make them proud. Pls answer my prayer. Aminn.