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Monday, November 8, 2010

What the..

Mind you, pls jgn berangan while driving. PLEASE, I'M BEGGING YOU. Esp you, old creature!. Hello, it's a round-a-bout (mcm ni ke eja) what do you expect? Ive to stop dekat that creepy bulatan tu and gv you way?. You gotta be kidding me ,YOU'RE THE ONE WHO SHOULD STOP.

Pufffff sorry, Im scared actually. What if kalau accident tadi?. Obviously it's not my fault. Hmm taknak cakap lagi lah, I will start to curse/swear. Na-ah not good.

TADAA ! MY NEW TIMETABLE, thnks to frhno :)

Hurrah ! Everyday my class will start at 8:30. Brilliant. -.-
Hhahaha BIG PROBLEM. Like nomie said this is revenge, sbb time cuti kita semua bangun lambat, but then bila naik sem haaa ambik kau. Hhahha. I MUST work harder next sem, my pointer is not good, 3.**. Bukan tak bsyukur but hmmm for my own good jugak, kang kalau kena tendang next sem mcm mana? Nak merempat kat course mana, mashitah ahmad oi?. Hihi, thanks a buch to all my lecturer and my friends and my family too and my hmm and myy hoo and my hee and my kooo. Okay cut this crap now. Peace :)

Went to Cs this morning with tyha. Hihi we watched YOU AGAIN. At last ! Hhahha what? korang dah lama dah tegok? Ohhh. Hhhaha Im really enjoy this movie. Cn you imagine thre was just me, tyha, a guy (indon kot, well idk n idc hihi). Women at war, this is how it looks like. LOL Awesome, hillarious. Kristen Bell ! Awwwwwh I love her, she's cute ! Do you know that Kristen Bell is the narrator on Gossip Girl? Uwww xoxo :)