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Thursday, December 2, 2010



Apa? rasa mcm nak sepak je?

Hihi Im sorry, it's been awhile kan dah tak post something. Currently, I hv lots of work to do.
Betul tak tipu. This semester my room dekat level 4. Hoyeah. Toilet sgt kotor, I called my mum, I cried bcs of tht bloody toilet. Lame. But seriously, I tak expect dpt toilet mcm niiiiiiiiiiiii. My block just beside the road. So, selalu lah dgr bunyi bus, car, motor and the list goes on.

Well it's not-tht-disaster,
  • Nice view, I cn see DC from here
  • Cooler than level 2(my old room)
  • Boleh dgr orang azan. Sangat clearrrr.
  • Since dah kat level 4, memang jarang lah nk kluar kan. Hhahha
  • Burn my caloriesssssssssssssssss :)

Im stressed. I need choclate, cake, sweet. Why? Steressed=Dessrets. Get it? Tak? Haish cuba try tbalikkan word stressed tu. Haaaaa kan kan? Jadi desserts kan? Hehe.