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Sunday, April 17, 2011


After finish my muet, we decided (tyha&me) to watch movie. Tgok movie lagi, isk isk. I'm quite dissapointed with my muet, I think I cn do better (writting). As usual , bila dh habis jwab exam all the ideas suddenly pass through my head, like out of nowhere. When driving, I cn cme out with thousand of points about friendship. Wtf?. I was like I-should-writhe-this-and-that and why-I-didn't-mention-about-this. Benci betul, now all I can do is pray, tawakal. Hopefulllyyyy I cn gt band 4. Tolong lah, gua desperate beb nk dapa band 4 ni.

So ktorg tgk Scream 4. While watching this movie I can't stop myself from covering my eyes, kerja nk tikam orang je. Tyha jgn cakap lah, she is the first person who starts screaming. Cerita ni scary and unpredictable, so cm tak bazir lah duit beli tiket. Hihi

Hmm I think I'm too cute to look like a 19 year old girl (girl? cn I use tht word). Ceh hahahhahaha jk! Takdelah masa beli tiket, amoi tu tnya umur ktorg brpa, bcs if you're under 18 you're strictly not allowed to watch this movie. So the reason dia tnya mestilah where there we're too cute or hmm short? Haha

Speaking about age, Arif called me and..

A : Hari sbtu haritu kan I pg jusco kan? I cuci2 mata and I nmpak you 30/40 tahun yg akan datang.
Me : Haa what?
A : Yelah, I nmpak makcik ni muka macam you.
Me : Aaaaaaaaa why makcik!
A : Hhahhaha makcik tu tgh dduk and dukung baby, dia tgh buat susu untuk anak dia kot.
Me : Sama ke muka?
A : Sama, cuma makcik tu berisi sikit. So sekarang I mcm dah tahu lah mcm mana pipi and perut you another 30 and 40 years akan datang.

Ceh. Ee you ni cakap lah smpai perut makcik ni pun you tgok. Omg. Hihihi. and btw YOU'RE NOT A LOSER OKAY :)

Black Canyon's tomyam. Scrumptious yaw! Wajib order kalau dtg sini.

Ice cream for dessert :) YUMMY nom nom nom