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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just go with it

Just go with it!

I just watched this movie with tyha. I do enjoy it, so hilarious! What I learned today from this movie is one lie leads to more lies.

Video chat on skype with tyha and ikin (last night). We talked about our problem and our next trip. Ceh next trip knon. Surprisingly, our problem/situation kinda same. Hmm we shared almost everything. ALMOST bukan SEMUA.

Honestly, Im not into skype/ym. Bukannya apa, sometimes when the vid is stuck, and at tht time your face looks like an idiot grrrrrrrrrrr sumpah benci. Huhu or at one time prnah tjadi yg video tu tak kluar langsung. -.-

Three of us at Universal studio Singapore last year. Hoping to go there again.