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Friday, May 27, 2011

Acid man

One of the victims. I feel sorry for her.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows about this issue. I've no idea what is on his mind right now, obviously these ppl are sick! They only aim at woman instead of man!. Even though I rarely read newspper I know tht this acid splasher is somewhere in Klang valley. BUT, this afternoon I'm shocked when I read my friends' status saying that this acid-thingy also happened in Johor Bahru.

I started to search about it on the internet. Then I realized how stupid I am. Why I cn easily trust this kind of rumours.

"yesterday at 4pm, a malay girl got splashed on the the face by Acidman in front of Jusco Tebrau, Johore. today, people say acidman is near Johor Jaya & Taman Molek. Last night at 8.15 pm,the acid splasher was around Setia indah. 1 lady got splashed around Taman Daya area. Splasher on the run riding HONDA EX5 NUMBER PLATE JPV 4783."

1) None of the newsppers/ trustworthy sites write about this.
2) The plate number. JPV? If Im not mistaken the latest number plate in Johor is JMX ( I alrdy checked it at jpj's page)

I may be wronged, anyway I will wait for the news for confirmation. Thanks for the updates but I wonder where did they gt this update from. Probably it's just a prank? You don't hv to scare us like that. This issue is bloody serious. Jangan main main lah.

Sooner or later we will find this monster/animal/alien/etc you name it! Just be extra careful girls. Kenapa lah nak simbah asid, ee tak faham betul lah. If you see any suspicious guy holding a bottle, run away! Run for your life! And yes always bring mineral water, IN CASE muka you kena simbah asid, cepat cepat letak air dekat muka until tak rasa pedih. (I read it somewhere, tp tak ingat)

Thanks to The women, Family and community Ministry (Datuk Seri Shahrizat) she will bring up the issue on the sale purchase of acid to the cabinet soon, so that the law on the sale and purchase of the substances can be tightened. Hmmm instead of increase the price of petrol, baiklah naikkan harga acid, kan?

p/s : Hopefully there will be no acid man in Jb. Amin.