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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lotus part 3

Breakfast! Cafe dia open air, dekat dgn beach, windy Awwww so relaxing :)

M favvv, nak kena cari recipe ni. Hahaha

Nom nom nom

Sedap, no doubt.

Nasi lemak pun sedap. Another one thing I like about desaru is all the food is delicious even dekat local restaurant pun.

Time breakfast, clown ni ada. Time swimming pun clown ni ada.

Hanan : Amie, look ada clown.
Amiera : Ewww scary!

Mak mak mak <3

Bicycle, nak cycling pun tak sempat :(
1 hour Rm 10

#takdakerja 1

#takdakerja 2

#takdaketja 3

pstttttttttttttttt glory glory man utd! Hee

The conclusion is, lotus desaru beach resort is awesome! :D

Act, there's a lot of pics I wanted to share but hmm Im so lazy to upload more, Ive to wait like ages. So I think this is enough. Till then, friends :) xx