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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lotus part 2

Muka snobbish gila. Haha I look tall in this picture, sama tinggi dgn sarah. Haha me likeyy.

Msg dgn boyfriend je.

Woot woot awek cun. In love with hanan's braces (turquoise and pink). Next month nak suruh hanan tukar colour black and pink. Ceh, suka hati je.

Gewdix nyew -..-

Muizz and mak. Yg belakang tu club house. Belakang club house ada beach. A lof things boleh buat dekat sini, nak buat family day sesuai sangat. :)

Facilities :
- Swimming pools
- Gymnasium
- Arcade games
- Shuttle services
- Concierge Desk
- D.I.Y BBQ area
- Spacious parking bay
- Food and Beverage outlets
- Beach & watersports equipment
- Camping site
- Ballroom & seminar room
- Foreign exchange
- Sandy beach field
- Junior Club for kids
- Retail Shop
- Karaoke Room
- Internet Room
- Paintball Target Shooting Court
- 24 hour security
Syarif. Syarif cried last night bcs on his bday mak out station. Upset lah tu, sbnarnya mak pg sehari je,on that night dah balik dah pun. Heee relax lah abang, Kakak kan ada :). I always said this to my sibs " kakak kan mak number dua ". Haha

Sambil tengok pantai makan ice cream...

Makan kek...

Makan kek lagi.... -.-

Lupa nak upload gmbar ba ba banana boat :/

Swimming pool, dia ada dua pool. Im so disappointed sbb I didnt gt the chance nk swim dekat pool ni. Why? Hmmm alaa you knoww....girls thingy....get it? Alaaa bendera jepun? Still dont get it? Takpe lah. Haha

Amiera "Stop taking my picture, I'm not a model". Ceh, gangster kampung pisang ni.

Water park

Water park, this is for children only (playground)

COCONUT! Hahahha my fav!

Gemok :( But now nothing to be worried sbb Arif shared a lot of things to me on how to lose weight. Heeeeee I love you sayang. He always there to support me :)

Syarif and muizz :D