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Monday, May 16, 2011

Bothering with my friends

**In south Wales, ppl would say "bothering" instead of "hang out/chill out'/get together"

Last Sunday we managed (ty, nini, mimi, thanusha and me) to get together. It's been awhile since our last met. I feel so blessed when I'm with them. They never fail to cheer me up.

At first, if possible tyha and me decided to make reunion but

Ramai yg tkda and Im quiet upset :( Baru nak lepas kan rindu... Ceh

At last, I end up chilling with tyha, nini, thanusha and mimi. Well, as long as I cn meet few of my ex classmate, okay lah tu kan. We went to jusco tbrau, hv some lunch and shopping!

Black canyon. Act, I alrdy hd my lunch dekat rumah. Perut pun dh knyang. So order desert je. Haha. Ice creammmmmmmmmmm :D

Thanusha! Girl, you better share some tips with me on how you lose your weight. Haha thanusha dah kurus weh. Dah boleh geng dgn Isabel doh kau ni thanusha. Ekekekekekke

Tyhaaaaaaaa >.<

Mine :D

Tyha's fav. Hahaha tom yam lah as usual and air tyha mesti order ice lemon tea/100 plus/

Thanusha's. Pdahal dia dh mkn nasi beriani dh dekat rumah -.-

Nini's :D

The most healthiest meal ! Haha mimi tgh on diet, so dia mkn salad je. Gah, I wish I cn be like her, salad salad salad. Baru lah boleh kuruskan pipi :P

Main suap suap pulak

Alalalalalala btw, this is nini(purple) and mimi(white)

Lepas dh makan and shopping, ktorg pg danga bay pulak. Karaoke. I wish I hv a good voice. Haha pity them, kna dgr I nyanyi. Suara klu sedap tkpa ish Sound pollution doh. Haha
Tengok mata thanusha and tangan tyha. LOL

US :D Siap bawak laptop lagi sbb nk transfer movie. Hahaha sempat je.

Lepas ni kita picnic pulak okay? >.<

p/s : Sorry update lambat, blame my broadband :(