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Monday, May 16, 2011

Why me?

Why me? Why me? Why me? Since 3:00 am this thing stuck in my head.

Its all started with this

At first, I thought it was a prank. Yelah, paan ni mmg dari dulu suka kacau aku but its all change when I saw my picture on the Google image by myself, with my own eyes!. I was shocked. I can't figure it out who on earth is trying to bring me down. This is too much.

The caption rlly disgust me. Mcm mana gmbar kita boleh ade dekat google? Okay mybe automatically dia kluar. BUT WHY MY PICTURE? AND WHY CAPTION DIA MCM TU!

Girls, beware. Ive to be extra careful and be more privacy after this. I dont want it happen again. Maruah beb. Malu.

I can't stop laughing while reading this. Hahahaha

Thanks to all my friends! Thanks for the advice, helping me to calm down and make me feel better esp Arif :) Thanks sayang. Idk wht will hppn to me if you're not around. Arif dah buat report dekat google and now we've to wait for another three months. Three months?! Ya Allah lamanya. I hope my picture will be removed.

Keep calm and never stop praying.

p/s : Start from now on, dah tak boleh nak right-click.