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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kuala Lumpur part 2

My good morning face!! Or should I say muka excited dpt pg KL dgn tyha for the first time? Haha. I simply love this picture even though I look retarded. Nauzubillah. Act, we're showimg our breakfast, seriously that bun/pizza tak sedapppppp, but I manage to finish it off. Hehe, mmbazir itu amalan syaitan, ye dak?

TWO DAYS IS NOT ENOUGH!. I'm friggin tired! It will be easier for us if we can drive. Nak drive ape nya, kereta pun tkda. A lot of things to do within two days, mmg lah rushing. But Alhamdulilah, we gt wht we want. Finally, we find a cheap supplier of clothing. Thank god. Everything is paid off!! Can't wait to publish all the clothes at Jolie fille :D

Tyha and me at Bukit Bintang. It was soooooooo hot. Shade tak bawak, sun block pun tak bawak. Damn it. I hate doing things in hurry without careful planning. Tp nak buat mcm mana, tahu dpat pg KL pun last min. Next time, nk pg mane mane MUST MORE THAN TWO DAYS.
Tyha, me and acai. Thanks to Acai and ikin ( Sorry gmbar kau takda). They accompany us to BB. I'm disappointed bcs I didn't grab a thing at pavi! Nak cepat punya psal. Oh okay tipu, I sempat beli kasut. Hehehehe. Kasut jeee. Anyway I do hv a good time with you guys.

While having lunch at A&W
Me : Aku tak nak lah makan, kau cakap aku gemok
Ikin : Bila masa aku cakap kau gemuk, aku cakap kau bulat kan?
Me : Ape beza gemuk dgn bulat. Okay bulat mcm mana?
Ikin : Macam kau.
Me : Gemuk?
Ikin : *pointing his finger at me*
Me : * showing my I-wish-I-can-kick-you-really-hard-right now face*

My oily face. Cn you see that cookie? Ha, this is my home made cookie the one tht I gv to Arif :)

p/s : Semua gmbar ni credit to tyha. Dslr gua entah bila lah nak okay balik. Benci :/