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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nak buat ic

Pergi 7e beli slurpee,
Beli slurpee dengan kuaci,
Niat di hati nak buat ic,
Tapi end up tengok movie.

LOL. Balas lah weh,balas. My worse pantun ever -.-

I'm the smallest hmmm

I miss this moment. Last class with sir Harcharan. He forced us to sing! EACH OF US! I was like wey-I-can'r-sing-lah-suara-aku-tak-sedap. Can you imagine, you've to stand in front of the class singing while all your classmate will look at you or mybe laugh at your funny voice -.-. Ini satu penyiksaan!

But, in the end semuaa happy! It is not a penyiksaan at all! Thanks sir Harcharan. So tht afternoon we sang 30 songs! Hahaha best best. Pergi depan one by one, then bgthu classmate wht song you nak nyanyi then nyanyi ramai ramai. Awww so siapa yg suara sedap like me, tkdelah malu sangat since the the whole classmate nyanyi except for Sir Harcharan. Haha

Guess wht song I nyanyi on that day? Sempurna, beb. Hhahaha kau begitu sempurna........ I chose that song bcs I know semua orang tahu lagu tu. SO THT DAY WILL BE THE FIRST AND THE LAST TIME I SING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE.

So today I tengok THOR! One word, AWESOME! A must watch movie. So setakat ni movie yg best thor and red riding hood. Scream4, the roommate beli cd/ dwnload kt internet pun takpa. Hehehe in my opinion lah, diff ppl diff view kan. Just now I asked my friend where there, he already watch Thor or not. Dia dh tengok and he likes it too. So mksudnya mmg best lah!

me : Dah tengok thor eh? Best kan?

I tengok semalam. Best gilaaaa!

me : Hopefully ade Thor 2, kesian jane dia tggu thor

You tengok dgn siapa ni? Nt jane mati lah.

me : Tyha. Ha, jane mati? Okay serious sedih dah ni.

Yela, I dh tengok kartun dia. Asal sedih pulak

me : Tak best laa mati mati ni

Hahah just kidding jane tak mati pun nt dia jumpa thor

me : Youuuuuuuuuuu jahattttttttttttttt

Hahahahaha sorry sorry.

me : Eh eh nt dorg kawin tak?

Kawin lah, nt jane dduk Asgard dgn thor, tp nt last2 jane mati jugak lah.

me : Ohh okay, kalau dh kawin then mati takpa, at least sempat lah dorg kawin.

You ni tak sabar nak kawin eh? Hahah

Siapa yg blum tengok kartun, lebih kurang mcm tulah jalan cerita dia :)

Lunch time. Orange juice sedap >.<

Pergi 7e beli slurpee,
Beli slurpee senyum smpi nmpk gigi,
Okay lah I dah sleepy,
Entry kali ni smpai sini .

This is sucks. LOL