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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A very very long entry

Now playing : Rythm of love by plain white T's
Im sooooo in love with this song >.<

Yes this is a very very long entry but Ill try to make it short :D


Today it's all about bsnss (CEH). Tyha and me went to maybank, create an acc. Hopefully it will bcme more easier for our customer to make a payment. Nk bank islam? boleh, nak maybank? punnn boleh :D

We're having our lunch at Sedap Corner.

When it comes to lunch, we'll gt in trouble. Tak tahu nk makan mana. Tulah everyday asyik lunch kat luar je smpai dh tk thu nk makan kt mana.



$$$ Okay tba tba lagu price tag stuck in my head. Its not about the money money, we dont need your money money. But the truth is I NEED MONEY like SERIOUSLY. :(

Do you know that money is a root of all evil? So why dont you gv all your money to me?. Dont worry I know how to handle it LOL
Okay tak kelakar/

Cari supplier


Ice kimooooooooooo. This time around, ice kimo dia mcm lain sikit. Err hmm probably dia baru kerja dekat daily fresh kot -..-


My family and I went to nando's for dinner :D


Kid's meal. Too cute too eat? Who cares, makan jelah. Haha



Its 2:41 am now and and and and Im starving. Blame the picturessss.

Siapa adeeeee? Mai laa share. Cis macaroon tak buat buat lagi nak buat pretzel pulak.

The best strawberry ice blended in the whole wide world!

Me, hanan and sara.

Day before yesterday

Hi! It's me and tyha again!


Sayang you ingat tak first date kita dekat Jco? Hehehehhehehheheheh

Fetch sara from school and straight away to KSL. Eh tak, singgah rumah kejap, tukar baju.

TOAST BOX'S LAKSA nom nom nom

Banyak nye makan? Okay dont gt me wrong, td pg Jco dgn tyha for BREAKFAST. Yg ni LUNCH. Mane ade bnyak kan? kan? Jangn nk argue okay. :P

Syarmin ( Sara's best friend), Sara, and me.

On tht day, ktorg tengok THE ROOMMATE. Hmm well not like wht I expected, so mcm kureng. Tak scary sgt bcs the girl from scream4 surely a psycho freak tk mcm the roommate ni, perempuan ni mmg lah psycho tp tak se-psycho perempuan dlm scream4.

OKAY AYAT MCM DH BEBELIT MALAS NK BETULAKAN. If you understand wht Im trying to say, here free hug for you, kita satu kepala and we should hang out sometime (CEH).

Dh habis tengok movie, we went to Jco, AGAIN! but without tyha lah. Hmmmmmm my j cool. Nakk! *lapar gila dah ni*

THE END. It's a short and sweet entry kan? Told ya!

p/s : Banyak gambar food :O