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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

At last!

So, my first semester of degree already come to an end. Probably, that is the reason why, I hv the intention to start blogging again. We'll see how long I'm gonna stay in this place. I've been neglecting my blog for so may years. Lol jk. Several months perhaps?

Good bye FSPPP peat-peat-peat I-I-Love you like a love song baby. I-I love you. Okay enough. You're turning 20 this year mashitah, stop playing aroud. Be serious. CEH!!!

Good bye Nomie. She's my classmate and also my roommate. See you another six weeks :*
REMEMBER OUR MISSIONS!!!!! *muka serious*

Good bye Kesatria. FOREVER. Muahahaha. No more kawad after this. How wonderful. Ingat lagi, on the first day perjumpaan kesatria kena marah and herdik dengan komander. Serious nak nangis time tu. Tsk Tsk. Datang lambat punya pasal. Masa kena marah Nomie keep on begging me untuk tukar PBSM. See how cuak are we. Hahaha

Im lovin' my pink shoe. Dari jauh orang dah tahu dah boleh recognize . Haha. My bff tyha, had one too. :')

Good bye final examinations. Hopefully, tak kena repeat paper. Aminnnnnn!

Good bye Melati. Thanks for letting me stay again for next semester.

My stuffs. HALF of my stuff. Hahahahaha. Alah, not surprising. Normal lah kan.
Ye ye je saying good bye, its only six weeks not forever ._________________.

Bbm-ing with tyha. Planning to change my url but I had no idea. Oh tyha cakap DIA ARTIS HOT. A-R-T-I-S H-O-T. Hahahaha. Kbai.