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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cuti part 1

On the Saturday morning, after clearance, terus bercuti with my pumpkins. We're going to CAMERON HIGHLAND. Back to nature. I always love this place. So refreshing. Breath-taking. Awhhh life is great.

Nice view~
Lepas tension study, terus ajak ayah pg Cameron Highland. I've made a right decision, kan?
Izzah ombak rindu much? Geddit? No? Look at the picture! Err No? Come on, tengok lah style tudung I. Kan mcm Izzah. Hahhahahahahahahaahhahahhahahahah. Dah lah dekat Cameron, style tudung mcm Izzah. Memang ber-ombak rindu lah at that time. Hhahahahaha

Sara & Hanan

Every time is tea time :D

Scones and blueberry cheesecake. Mouth-watering.
Happy tummy.

While in the car, masa on the way nak pg hotel Sara and me sibuk bergambar. Bukannya nak tengok view dekat luar. Cis.

Again? >.<