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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cuti part 4

After wedding, we performed our zohor prayer

You are never too old to play bubbles. Seriously. Hehe

Hihi usually, main bubbles dlm toilet je :p

Stress gila muka .______.

Then, uncle bashir bawak my family pg taman ular. That awkward moment when you wear your handbag that was made by snake's skin (look at the pic above) at this kind of place.
LOL JK. Tu bukannya snake's skin. :p

Makan pasir?

Oh ada one time tu, I bajet mcm harry potter. Konon boleh cakap dengan snake. Then suddenly snake tu moving. Then I asked the snake again "do you undersatand what I'm just saying?" *using British accent sbb nak jadi Harry potter :p* AND GUESS WHAT THE SNAKE IS MOVING. What a coincidence. Hanan, sarah, me and ada one pakcik yg berdiri sebelah kitorg mcm shocked kejap. Amazing huh? Wahahahaha

Hi, I can talk to snake :p

Muizz and his new "friend". That monkey really love him. Haha Siap dancing lagi.

The happy family. See, they're cuddling. Adorable.

Berukians. Hahahahahhahahahahahaha
Duh, I look so ugly >.<