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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Actually dah lama dah nak tengok movie ni, due to some circumstances kitaorg asyik kena postpone je. So, at last today dapat pun tengok. Hihi

Meet my BFF, Tyha! Hihi. Janji keluar pukul 2:15 tapi, pukul 2 baru nak mandi. Ended up smpai KSL aroud 3:OO. So called janji melayu. Hahaha

Okay that's me, my lips, err my watch, and my ring. :p

We didn't plan to watch in 3D, since terlmbat tiket yg tak 3D dah habis. Lgpun movie ni memang kena watch in 3D baru awesome :D

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, so dlm cerita ni, Sean is trying to find the mysterious Island that hidden in 3 novels ; The Gulliver's Travel, Treasure Island and Mysterious Island. At the same time, Sean believes that his grandpa who lost about two years ago was there. That's how the journey begins. The rock tu Sean punya ayah tiri, he helped Sean untuk cari Island tu. A must watch movie. I caught myself ternga-nga while watching this. Heh, amaze lah konon. 

This is Sean! I still remember him in Bridge to Terebithia. Dah besarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Dah tuaaaaaa! So handsome. Dah besar? Dah tua? For god sake, he was born on 1992! That's mean, I'm besar and tua also! NOOOOOOO! 

The funniest part was, after dah beli popcorn, tyha and me were busy chit chatting about Nikah Khitbah (AMBOI), then datang one guy, the one from the popcorn's counter, he gave us this.
Oh, ada lagi satu part yang kelakar, masa beli popcorn, ada apek cina sebelah I, instead of saying "Saya nak beli popcorn" He said "Saya nak beli jagung". Hahahaha. Celah mana MBO jual jagung? Hahahaha

After done watching Journey 2, mak called me and ask to buy mineral water. Habis semua Spritzer I borong, see its empty already. LOL JK beli two giant bottles je. 

Nini gave this to me. Thanks Nini. Much appreciated. Nini is my ex schoolmate, now she's at Padang, Indonesia. Study smart, baby! I miss you. Looking forward to see you around this September. xo

Ladies and gentlemen I present you my new baby! :D Didn't expect mak gonna bought this for us. Surprise surprise *tiru style lisa dlm ombak rindu*

Best sbb waterproof. Next time bila snorkeling boleh amik gambar. Yeah dream comes true!

And say helllooooooooooooooo to my brand new iPod touch! Thanks mak, akak tak mintak pape dah tahun ni. Promiseeeeee! :D

Went to Harris last Friday with Sara and Hanan. I spend my RM50 voucher on these
Classic novel for me
Lawak kampus for my siblings
Look mag for the girls. Act, tak nak beli but nk cukupkan RM50, so belilah mag ni.

Planning to spent another RM50 at badan book store, gonna buy revision books for hanan and abang and "something something" for me. He he he. Hopefully adalah dekat sana. What something? Hah, wait for my next entry, Im gonna post it if I manage to find it lah.

Awh, cute isn't it? Thanks tyha for accompanied me to find this :')