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Monday, February 13, 2012


Yesterday, I watched this movie with sara and hanan. What else I can say, it was awesome. Based on what sara told me about the trailer, I didn't expect its gonna be that good.  I spent  most of the movie staring in awe at the screen. Im impressed. Most of the effects were cool. Especially, the spider scene Memang wowwww and ouchh.  Its a low budget movie, but still, it is far way better than Green lantern that cme out with 20x budget. 

So this movie basically about three high school dudes who accidentally gt "superpower". They can fly, control any object with their mind and much more. They were delirious with joy until one of them misuse the power. Jengjeng.

Tomorrow, probably Im gonna watch another movie with tyha and paan. Tapi, the problem is mcm takda movie best je. Sobs sobs. Btw, thanks to tyha, ana and paan for coming to my house. My second open house went well. Alhamdulillah. We served laksa johor, baked macaroni and spaghetti balognaise (bolognese) and my mississpi mud cake! Hihi. My mom laksa johor and spaghetti balognaise are the bomb! Sampai mejilat jari okay. Hahaha. Sampai tak cukup. About my mud cake, it was my first attempt, buttt it turned yummy. I used my own recipe, nahhhhh jk jk not really, haha ubah suai sikit je. I cut my cake into two parts, then I putted marshmallows (melted) in between. After covered my mud cake with choc ganache, I used peaches for the decoration! Brilliant huh? Ceh puji diri sendir. Hahaha. Oh yeah, vewyy vewyy chocolaty and the marshmallow become sticky and chewy. Walllahhh~ .Later, I'll upload the pic.

Before guest datang, mak called ayah

Mak : You, belikan coco dekat tesco, cari jenama van houten kalau sempat I nak buat kek batik
Ayah : Okay okay

5 mins later, ayah called mak back 

Ayah : Eh tadi you suruh I beli apa? Vanilla Coklat?
Mak : Hahahahaha coco lah. Vanilla Coklat tu drama yg mashitah dgn sara tengok.

Hahahahaha my ayah is so cute :*

p/s : Alhamdulillah, I received good news yesterday :D