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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Open House!

So last Sun...Eh Monday? Was it on Monday? Err Monday kot. Hahaha. Ktorg buat open house plus bacaan yaasin, marhaban andddddddd surprise for mak and ayah! We were celebrating their upcoming anniversary. Actually, it was ayah's idea. Ayah bgthu mak untuk buat open house, tp mak tak tahu yang ayah sebenarnya at the same time nak celebrate anniversary. 

My sibs and I made a video. After habis yaasin and marhaban, I told the guest to stay fr a awhile bcs I wanna show something and tarik mak and ayah dduk depan tv. Then I played the video. Everyone enjoyed themselves while watching the video, esp mak and ayah :') I put lots of picture. Since mak and ayah's big day until now. End of the video, I putted another video of my siblings wishing happy 20th ann.

The video.
That night, after semua guest dah balik, we kept on playing the video. Ayah and mak told us the story of every pictures. Good time. A night that full of laughter and sweet memories :')

Ada satu gambar  tu mak tengah cium tangan ayah, then ayah said to us "Itu first time mak salam ayah, before mak nak cium tangan ayah, ayah bagitahu mak sorry tangan ayah busuk. Tp sebenrnya ayah dah pkai perfume Dunhill banyak2"
Hahaha how cute.

While watching the video

On that day the dishes are Nasi arab, Mee kuah and Roti sausage while the desserts are red velvet cup cake, choc cup cake, trifle and  cream puff  

Ada jugak gambar I! Hahaha. Im so exhausted like seriously. Letak food, habis, refill, habis, refill habis.

That's it. Exhausted yet exciting. For some reason, I mmg suka buat open house, suka tengok orang makan apa yang kita buat. Satisfaction. Feeling that you can't buy. When it comes to open house, all the deserts are on me. Im the one who gonna decide and bake. I really enjoy myself while baking. Planning to open my own cafe in the future. InsyaALLAH.

Thanks for coming! Much appreciated :)

Oh yes, esok mak and ayah nak buat open house lagi. LAGI. 
Mak akan masak laksa johor, mee hoon sup and baked macaroni (mybe). Im gonna bake Mississppi ChocMud cake :) Sorry this time around dessert satu je, takda idea nak bake apa. Tsk tsk

p/s : Tyha kau kena datang, ajak paan tu! Nak ajak syami pun boleh. Hikhik