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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm sorry I'm sorry I hv been neglecting my poor blog.
Thank god I still remember my email and password. The reason why I'm not posting in this blog is because hmm because Im too busy with my work. Eh tak tak. Frankly, Im so lazyyyy. Well you know me, laziness is my middle name. Gah, bila kau nak berubah Mashitah Ahmad.

So, hopefully it will not happen again. Hekhek. Salute lah to my best friend, tyha. She never fail to update her blog like everyday even though she is still studying at uitm kuantan.

While I'm trying to figure it out wht on earth should I share with you guys here, Sarah (she's my sister) was crying. Sbenarnya dia tgh tidur, and I thought dia tgh mengigau so I just let her be lah. I was wrong she started to kick all the pillows includg my teddy tsk tsk and cried very hard. Damn you period pain! The worst part was I cant find my pain killer ! I think it must be in one of my handbags. Memang tak lah aku nak geledah satu satu handbag. Phew. Mula2 I wanted to gv her actifast hekhek but I found this yellow pills! Alhamdulilah! I love you yellow pills (I fgt the name :p) I gv sarah that pill and hoping that she'll feel much better. Tapi until now she is still crying. Fail. I know exactly how sarah feels right now. Rsa mcm nak pecah je perut.